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  1. Write down your short- and long-term financial goals.

  2. There are no action steps for Day Two. Just stop believing all the lies about budgeting.

  3. Begin recording every single purchase you make. Without exception. It doesn’t matter how you record it (pencil, iPhone or Android, spreadsheet, etc.), just make sure you do it consistently beginning today. Right now.

  4. Create a list of your dollars’ potential “jobs.” These will be your spending categories. Promise yourself that you’ll allocate some dollars to your “Fun” category. Your budget’s longevity depends on it.

  5. Hold a budget meeting with your spouse. Talk about long- and short-term goals. If necessary, hold hands during the process.

  6. List all of your larger, non-monthly expenses (life insurance premiums, property taxes, Christmas, vacations, etc.) Divide the totals of those expenses by twelve to get your monthly funding requirement.

  7. Take a break.

  8. Sell stuff that you don’t need and put the money into savings.

  9. Spend money that is earned from the dividend or the savings interest.

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If you’re not sure of a result, repeat the work. If you don’t have the time and resources to do so, drop the whole thing will pass it on to someone else.
Feel out in any way you can what you most want to do. Obey that passion as long as it lasts. Feed it with the knowledge the mind needs to grow. Sample other subjects, acquire general education is science, and be smart enough to switch to a greater love if one appears. But don’t just drift through courses in life hoping that the love will come to you. May be it will, but don’t take a chance. As in other big choices in life, there is too much at stake. Decision and hard work based on enduring passion will never fail you.

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